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Back To Basics (b2b_2016)

The eye care industry is at a crossroads.

- Government healthcare presents nearly insurmountable challenges.
- Understanding how to code has practically become impossible.
- Costs soar.
 -Revenues decrease.
- Quality employees are hard to find.

And the big one...

Few practices make a profit, and even fewer doctors are making a good salary.

This book is here to help.  Returning to the basics means returning to the core of what you already know.  And it is also enabling you to do the basics so well that you can make money again.  So, what are those basics?  

1. Provide the best eye care.
2. Keeps costs low.
3. Increase revenues.

This book is going to give you help to enable you to give the best eye care possible, show you how to lower your costs, and teach you how to increase revenues.  There will be real world examples to follow and avoid.

Author: Gordon Duncan
62 pages

This is an e-book that can be downloaded immediately after purchase as a regular PDF file. No e-reader necessary.

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