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2018 Children's Eyewear MarketPulse


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2018 Children's Eyewear MarketPulse (cem2018)

 A comprehensive look at the under 18 eyewear market from the ECP's perspective
This report explores the children's optical industry and outlines consumer buying patterns for distinct age categories within this segment: Infants, Kids, Tweens & Teens.
This report helps providers to understand the market and stay ahead. What is the average retail price for children's eyeglass frames? What are the best-selling brands by age group? What are the main challenges in selling eyewear to children? What materials for eyeglasses and types of sunwear products are sold to children? This report allows you to analyze the children's eyewear industry as a whole, but also grasp a deeper understanding of trends evident within specific age groups. This informative study provides useful statistics necessary to keep your business competitive and innovative, helping you to succeed in the children's eyewear market.

This report includes data from May 2018.


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