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The Waiting Game


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The Waiting Game (wg-2013)

What do patients expect in the waiting room?
This innovative report deals with all the aspects of the patient experience before the actual exam. How much waiting are patients really doing? Can they get an appointment right away? Are they stuck in the waiting room too long? How long do they expect to wait? Learn what is important to keep your patients satisfied while they are waiting. What do they like to read? Do they care about the type of seating or décor in the office? Also find out how important flexible hours, technology and friendly staff are to patients. Compare your office policies on paper work, initial screenings, and follow up procedures.
This informative report will provide you with the knowledge you need to satisfy your patients and give you a competitive edge over other ECP offices.
Identical surveys ran in June 2011, December 2012 and December 2013. Trends charted.
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