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rkbook - Randy Kazandy! Where Are Your Glasses?
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  Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?
Carol Kennedy - Denver   (Sunday, January 10, 2010)

Five stars all the way with this book. It was fun to find the hidden glasses and the illustrations brighten my day when I open the book. It is a delightful book in every way. Everyone in my family loves it and we read it over and over. It is pretty much memorized and we are now a fan. The motto helped my kids and I do think it will help adults as well. We forget in times like these how it is important to love ourselves. We love Randy, I love Randy, We all love Randy Kazandy!

  Definitely two thumbs up!
Karen - NY   (Tuesday, January 5, 2010)

I absolutely love the book and my children have me read it about 5 times every night. They all love it! I have one with glasses and be breaks them at every turn. Kids make fun of him and he would cry every night. My heart would break and I didn't know where to turn, or how to heal his pain, until Randy Kazandy! My son was that Randy Kazandy all the way. That little character has saved his life and Kudos to the author who cares so much for children, writing this book. The illustrations and story is the best I have seen in 25 years. The quality is stunning, to say the least. My child wears his glasses with pride now, and when I kiss him good-bye in the morning he says.' I love being me!' I am also a poet, and the rhyme in this story is brilliant! Thank you for a delightful children's book and I hope more will come to follow. My son now loves his glasses, shines them every night, and puts them in the case in a safe place on his dresser. This is a miracle. All I can say is, every child with glasses or not, needs to have this book in their collection!

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